Hey Coach! Alabama Fans Gather At Airport To Roll (Tide) Out The Welcome Mat For Kalen DeBoer


Alabama fans may be obnoxious, entitled, and arrogant about their own success. But one thing’s for sure, they’re married to the game.

Early today, the Crimson Tide announced they hired former Washington skipper Kalen DeBoer to be the new head coach in Tuscaloosa. DeBoer now holds the monumental task of leading a football program that boasted college football’s greatest coach while also trying to maintain the program’s elite status. 

DeBoer planned to hold a team meeting with the Crimson Tide Friday night. Alabama fans were prepared to greet the flight upon arrival in Tuscaloosa.

A contingent of Crimson Tide nation was waiting outside of the Tuscaloosa airport Friday night to welcome its new head coach. While some Alabama fans might be bandwagoners, these folks certainly aren’t.

While some fans expressed reservations about DeBoer’s hiring, most fans mixed that doubt with optimism.

“I think there were other prospects that could have been better but I’m not disappointed with it,” Alabama student Ross Wesharim said. “I think that he has proved himself and I think there’s going to be growing pains because the SEC is different. Everyone knows it’s different but there’s definitely hope.”

Another fan mentioned that he likes the pass-happy offensive philosophy DeBoer will bring to his new job.

“I think this coach deserves a warm welcome,” the fan said. “He has a really good Air-Raid offense and I like seeing the ball being thrown.”

For now, DeBoer remains a hero in Tuscaloosa. If he starts winning next season, he’ll continue to earn the fans’ loyalty.

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