Chiefs player calls out NFL for Peacock-exclusive playoff game

Larry Brown Sports

Fans weren’t the only ones incredulous over the NFL’s deal to broadcast a playoff game exclusively on Peacock. At least one Kansas City Chiefs player couldn’t believe it either.

NBCUniversal paid a ridiculously large sum of money before the season for the right to exclusively stream one NFL Wild Card game on Peacock. The lump sum deposit into the NFL’s coffers netted Peacock a primetime AFC matchup on Saturday between the Chiefs and Dolphins.

Chiefs D-lineman Charles Omenihu called it “insane” that his team’s postseason game was streaming exclusively on Peacock.

“Us playing on peacock ONLY is insane I won’t lie,” said Omenihu.

Omenihu echoed most fans’ complaints on social media. Several voices expressed their frustrations on X about the Chiefs-Dolphins game.

It’s never a great sign for the NFL when you have both players and fans complaining in unison. But given that NBCUniversal’s agreement with the league is just for one game, the issue may very well be short-lived pending another deal.

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