ESPN Cameraman Unwittingly Films Woman Flashing For Beads On Bourbon Street During Sugar Bowl (VIDEO)

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The Sugar Bowl has definitely lived up to the hype, with no shortage of entertainment, not even when the cameras went out into the streets.

With Texas and Washington battling it out on the field, fans were having some fun out on New Orleans’ Bourbon Street, and one particular female is going viral after flashing for beads during break of the Sugar Bowl and the ESPN camera man caught it all.

Both fortunately and unfortunately, videos of the raunchy few seconds are all over the internet now and they’re probably going to live forever.

Of course, we can’t show you the footage, but you can check it out on ‘X’. We do advise it is NSFW!

“Bro did anyone else just see that B Roll they showed of the French Quarter during the Texas at Washington game? That lady most definitely flashed the camera,” one fan wrote on X.

“No way ESPN show a shot of the French quarter and that girl flashed,” another noted.

Meanwhile, the Huskies have taken control of the game in the second half and have a 34-21 lead in the fourth quarter.

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