Video appears to show Taylor Decker reporting eligibility to official

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Taylor Decker in the Lions huddle before their two-point conversion attempt against the Cowboys

The Detroit Lions had their go-ahead two-point conversion wiped away Saturday night after lineman Taylor Decker failed to report as eligible. But one video circulating on X had some fans absolving Decker of guilt.

The Lions ended up losing to the Cowboys 20-19 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas after officials declared that it was fellow lineman Dan Skipper, and not Decker, who reported as an eligible receiver on the 2-point attempt. Decker was flagged for illegal touching after quarterback Jared Goff passed it to the Ohio State alum in the end zone.

In a replay that’s made the rounds on X, Decker walked all the way up to referee Brad Allen in what appeared to be an attempt to report.

Another replay showed Goff seemingly urging Decker to report.

But it was Skipper, seen darting straight toward Allen in the video above, who was acknowledged as the eligible receiver.

It’s easy to try to read body language and intentions from a replay vantage point several feet away. But it was ultimately still on Decker and the Lions to ensure they were on the same page as the officials about who was eligible.

Head coach Dan Campbell begrudgingly discussed the ruling in a rather heated press conference after the game.

Detroit nearly had a double dose of sporting delight Saturday after the Pistons broke their 28-game losing streak. Disappointed Detroiters can at least get some free chicken wings for the first time in weeks.

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