Parsons claims he didn’t diss Purdy, has nothing against 49ers QB

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Micah Parsons once again made waves with comments about the 49ers after the Dallas Cowboys’ star edge rusher appeared to take a shot at Brock Purdy with a post on during Monday night’s loss to the Ravens.

However, Parsons revealed on his podcast “The Edge with Micah Parsons” that he did not think Purdy played poorly and admires how the 24-year-old quarterback has fared throughout the 2023 NFL season.

“People were looking at my tweet; they had all these opinions, but not once did I talk about Purdy,” Parsons explained. “I talked about the things that were going on in the game. Everyone that I know and probably your moms and your fathers were watching the game on Christmas night, too. I’m jotting down my thoughts. Am I worried about the 49ers when I wake up? Absolutely not. I have two children. I’m not worried about the 49ers at all, and that’s for Deebo [Samuel] and whoever else.

“I’m talking about the game. That’s my fair opinion from my page. I don’t think Purdy played bad. Obviously, [he had] interceptions. The one to Kyle Hamilton, I know he wishes he could have it back, but I don’t think he played a bad game. We talked about Purdy being down. Can he play from behind? Can he have that MVP moment where he shows us that it’s not a scheme, and he is that guy? I think Kyle Shanahan is obviously one of the best offensive coordinators, coaches in the NFL, right?

“They obviously didn’t want to get into the dropback game because what, there was a lot of pressure. They like to play from ahead, because obviously their defense is so good. That’s all I was saying, there is nothing wrong with the truth. Like I said, I still think Purdy is having a great year, I have nothing against Purdy.”

Earlier this week, All-Pro wide receiver Deebo Samuel defended Purdy during an appearance on “Up & Adams,” telling host Kay Adams he doesn’t understand why Parsons continues to talk about the 49ers.

“But back to Micah Parsons,” Samuel told Adams. “Bro, we beat you [42-10] a long time ago. I don’t get why he’s so bothered about what we got going on over here or whatever the case may be.”

“It’s the Niners. It’s the effect we have on everybody,” Samuel added. “Nobody wants to see us win, and they all quick to point fingers when things don’t go the way they’re supposed to go.”

Parsons is a leading candidate for the 2023 NFL Defensive Player of the Year award, logging 13 sacks while pacing the NFL with 97 quarterback pressures, per Pro Football Focus.

However, the star edge rusher has made public comments about the 49ers on more than one occasion since their Week 5 meeting, including when he said the 49ers were “humbled” after dismantling Dallas at Levi’s Stadium in early October.

Parsons insists his most recent comments didn’t intend to paint the 49ers’ quarterback in a bad light; instead, it was just his way of sharing his thoughts on Purdy’s performance at the moment.

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