Simone Biles Rushes To NFL Hubby’s Defense After Viral Backlash


The most irritating part of a celebrity relationship is the casual chat about how famous they are.

Enter: Olympic gymnast Simone Biles and NFL cornerback Jonathan Owens.

The conversation around Biles and Owen’s alternates between how they met and why they’re less popular than Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. Well, for the latter point, only Biles and Owens are interested … yet, here we are.

Biles is seemingly upset with all the chatter around her relationship with Owens, evidenced by a post Biles sent on X regarding a recent podcast Owens appeared on.

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens. (Getty Images)

On “The Pivot” podcast, Owens admitted to not recognizing Biles when the two met on dating app, Raya. Owens said he wasn’t aware of one of the most decorated gymnasts in American history. Owens said he wasn’t watching NBC during Biles’ run at the Olympics (same).

“When she won the Olympics, I was in college and we didn’t have NBC, we didn’t have Olympics channels,” Owens admitted, “and we were in [training] camp [in] late July, early August. So I’m not paying attention. I never would’ve had a moment where I would’ve watched [her compete].

Out of retribution, Biles’ female fans are pressing Owens for his lack of relevance compared to Biles, which the gymnast didn’t particularly appreciate.

“Are y’all done,” Biles posted on X, throwing shade at all the relevance talk, despite fomenting that very topic.

Still, credit to Biles for sticking up for her man: understanding his relevance is contingent on her own success since his track record as a CB ain’t too pretty.

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