Taylor Heinicke explains why he was wearing Busch beer gear to press conference

Larry Brown Sports

Taylor Heinicke at the podium

Taylor Heinicke is back on center stage for the Atlanta Falcons as their Week 16 starting quarterback in place of Desmond Ridder. Heinicke dressed for the occasion Wednesday when speaking with the media. He was wearing a gray Busch beer hoodie on the podium, which led to some questions about his choice of clothing.

Heinicke explained that he got the sweatshirt as a gift from the fine folks at Busch.

“Well, I got fined last year for drinking Busch Light on the (Commanders team) plane. They heard about it, so they send me apparel. I guess to ease the fine,” Heinicke said.

Heinicke was filmed by his teammates on the plane ride home after leading his Commanders to a win over the Eagles in November 2022. Heinicke’s teammates had put chains around the quarterback’s neck. Heinicke was seen holding a can of Busch beer, which the Busch folks apparently appreciated. Now Heinicke continues to give the beer company some good publicity even a year later.

Heinicke has started two games this season and appeared in three. The 30-year-old quarterback is expected to serve as the Atlanta’s starter for their three remaining regular season games.

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