Referees Got Into Huge Brawl At 4th-Grade Basketball Game In Colorado (VIDEO)

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When it comes to fighting in sports, we have seen fans, players, and even coaches fighting. We have never seen refs fighting, and I’m talking against each other.

A Colorado youth basketball game was temporarily halted over the weekend when several refs started fighting one another.

According to a TMZ report, the fight went down during a fourth-grade boys game at the Gold Crown Field House in Lakewood, Colorado. The video begins with two of the refs sizing one another up in the middle of the game. Everybody is clearly in shock over what is happening.

A third ref noticed the two about to fight and rushed over to break it up. However, another one of them could be seen throwing a punch.

The ref who came in to break it up then gets up from the floor and proceeds to square up with the ref who just got hit. Before any punches could be thrown, even more people rushed onto the courts from the bleachers to split the two up.

Lakewood Police told TMZ no arrests were made because “the involved parties had already left the gym” by the time they arrived.

The Gold Crown Foundation released a statement announcing indefinite suspensions for all of the referees involved in the incident.

“We have informed these independently contracted officials that they are suspended indefinitely from working for Gold Crown Foundation,” GCF said in a statement. “Most importantly we apologize to everyone that had to witness their unacceptable behavior–especially the kids. … We look forward to getting our league back on track, and resume what will be a great season for the kids.”

Police in Colorado are investigating the incident.

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