NFL Fans Think ESPN Purposely Flashed An Inappropriate Sexual Graphic During ‘First Take’ (PIC)

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Dak Prescott smiling

ESPN’s just over two weeks removed from flashing a suggestive graphic on-screen during ‘First Take’, but they’re already up to what’s seemingly become a usual trick.

Host Stephen A. Smith was arguing over the NFC with his debate panel in late November when a very sexual bit of signage popped up on the screen.

The words “COME N-F-C ME” were displayed at the top of the screen while the outspoken reporter was discussing the state of the conference with Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo and Marcus Spears.

Things are heating up in the NFC again, with the San Francisco 49ers beating the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday.

The Eagles are now set to face the Dallas Cowboys on ‘Sunday Night Football’ in Week 14 and another loss could make things very, very interesting. Either oblivious to the raunchy optics or simply unbothered by the backlash, The Worldwide Leader In Sports went with the same graphic during one of this week’s episodes.

They’re asking for it and won’t stop until they get it…

Meanwhile, the Eagles are set to face the Cowboys in Sunday’s late game while the Niners will have a go against the Seattle Seahawks. The Detroit Lions, who are also in the mix, will have the easiest matchup as they’re scheduled to play the Chicago Bears.

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