Roger Goodell reportedly has strong stance on ‘tush push’ play

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Roger Goodell in Europe for an NFL game

Nov 10, 2022; Munich, Germany; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell reacts during an NFL Flag Football community event at the FC Bayern Campus. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Much has been made of the Philadelphia Eagles’ success with the “tush push” play to the point that there has been talk about the NFL outlawing it entirely. That decision has not been made, but one figure who may have the final say reportedly feels quite strongly about it.

The league’s competition committee is likely to take up the issue of the tush push play this offseason, which did not happen last year. Notably, according to Dianna Russini of The Athletic, commissioner Roger Goodell is believed to want the play permanently banned.

The call will ultimately be the competition committee’s, but if Goodell is strongly against the play, that has to carry some weight.

The famed play, which the Eagles use to perfection, has become virtually unstoppable when executed correctly. The play is a quarterback sneak, but the “tush push” part comes in when Philly sends a bunch of players from behind to push the pile.

Critics argue the play is more like rugby than football.

The Eagles essentially dare opponents to do something about it and argue that if the play was so unfair, other teams would execute it just as well. Critics have argued that there is little skill or athleticism involved in its execution, and that it could create a greater risk of injuries.

For now, the Eagles will keep running the play as long as they are allowed. If Goodell tries to get it banned, he will not be a popular man in Philadelphia.

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