New Footage Exposes Buffalo Bills Players For Lying About Life-Threatening Remarks From Philadelphia Eagles Fan (VIDEO)

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As if the Buffalo Bills’ overtime loss to the Philadelphia Eagles wasn’t bad enough, their situation got even uglier due to a situation near their bench area regarding Eagles fans.

While the Buffalo offense was on the field, Bills defensive linemen were seen on video approaching and getting into a confrontation with an Eagles fan in the front row. In the video, Jordan Phillips approached the fan while Shaq Lawson lightly shoved the fan.

Bills defensive tackle Jordan Phillips took to Instagram Monday to state that fans were saying life-threatening things to him.

“I love the crowd I love rowdy fans it makes the game fun,” Phillips wrote on Instagram. “But one thing I’m not going to tolerate is someone threatening me or my family. This is a line that shouldn’t be crossed.”

Lawson also posted on Instagram and confirmed that the fan was making life-threatening remarks.

It appears that was not the truth.

More footage has since come out showing the one Eagles fan who was shoved was merely mocking, laughing, and heckling them, not sending threats.

The incident was captured on video from multiple angles during Philadelphia’s overtime home win over Buffalo but this view really shows the actual truth of what happened.

In the end, the fan appeared to be fine and continued to heckle the Bills players.

The Bills went on to lose the nail-biter 37–34 in overtime.

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