Joe Buck, Troy Aikman could not wait for Vikings-Bears game to end

Larry Brown Sports

Troy Aikman and Joe Buck in the booth

ESPN announcers Joe Buck and Troy Aikman did not appear to be having a good time during Monday’s Chicago Bears-Minnesota Vikings clash.

The Bears beat the Vikings 12-10 in what was a relatively uneventful “Monday Night Football” matchup at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minn.

Both teams combined to score just one touchdown on the night. Even one play that appeared destined to be a pick-six ended up being a letdown for Bears quarterback Justin Fields and neutral observers everywhere (video here).

The Vikings had one final chance with 5 seconds left from their own 34. Trailing by two points, Minnesota threw several laterals to try and keep their hopes alive. But as the play was snuffed, Buck and Aikman appeared to breathe a sigh of relief.

“And with the Benny Hill music playing in the background, this game is over,” said Buck.

“Thankfully,” replied Aikman.

Fans on X noticed the subtle diss at the MNF matchup too.

One fan even added in the Benny Hill music that Buck joked about.

The Bears-Vikings game likely isn’t going on anyone’s all-time classic lists.

Arguably the most intriguing moment of the game came due to a baffling penalty called against the Bears for a helmet malfunction.

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