Logan Paul Has Wrestling Fans Riled Up After Winning WWE US Title In Saudi Arabia At Crown Jewel. Internet Mogul Is A Moneymaker


Professional wrestling fans are a tricky bunch, especially when an outsider comes in without paying their dues. This is the current argument being made about Logan Paul, who is signed with the WWE.

Well, after winning a championship on Saturday against Rey Mysterio, the arguments will continue. The WWE held a premium live event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Saturday and the company decided it was time to put a title belt on the internet sensation.

After competing in only eight matches during his run in the WWE, the company felt comfortable enough to have him as one of the fresh faces. In a post to social media following his ‘win’, Chief Content Officer ‘Triple H’ took to social media to congratulate the new champion.

WWE Fans Might Be Split On Logan Paul, But Peers Trust Him

Even tough the fans might be split on Logan Paul coming into the company and being shot to the moon, he’s put in the work. After performing at events like Wrestlemania and SummerSlam over the last few years, it’s easy to notice why his locker room peers trust his work ethic.

This was evident during his match with Rey Mysterio, where he prevented the WWE Hall of Fame from potentially breaking his neck, on a move that could’ve gone seriously wrong.

Whether you like him or not the WWE sees him as a massive draw for PPV’s and now live events. While he will split time between programming on television shows, his athletic ability has certainly been the case for his rise in the company.

Now, we wait to see how far the WWE is willing to ride with Logan Paul, who has done a fantastic job in splitting his time between the boxing and wrestling ring.

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