FS1’s Chris Broussard May Have Thrown His Career Away After Blurting Out R-Word During James Harden Rant (VIDEO)

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Chris Broussard on Fox Sports show

Fox Sports analyst Chris Broussard used a slur against developmentally disabled people on Tuesday when discussing James Harden’s trade to the Los Angeles Clippers.

It all started with Nick Wright and Chris Broussard getting into a fiery exchange regarding the James Harden trade between the Sixers and the Clippers that resulted in the NBA insider using a terrible choice of words.

“You think he’s going to play the way that he did in Houston?” Broussard asked Wright, who was in the middle of a rant. “Is the man (r-word)?”

Broussard quickly changed his words to “developmentally disabled,” but the damage had already been done. Realizing how much he had screwed up, he would quickly issue an apology.

“Let me apologize for using that word. My first cousin, he died a few months ago, he was developmentally disabled. I didn’t mean to use that word. I apologize to the audience.”

Broussard could very well end up losing his job over this moment.

As far as the topic he was discussing, the Philadelphia 76ers traded James Harden to the Los Angeles Clippers as the Sixers will have an unprotected 2028 first-round pick, two second-round picks, a first-round pick swap, Marcus Morris, Nic Batum, Robert Covington, and KJ Martin.

The deal ends a saga that began in June, when Harden was an impending free agent.

Harden, who led the NBA in assists last season, would immediately become the best playmaker the Leonard-George duo has ever had.

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