NFL Teaser Picks Week 7: Best NFL teaser bets, odds and strategies this week 


Some of the most popular types of NFL bets include the classic straight bet, a parlay, a player prop and a game total. However, a teaser should never be discounted as a viable option.

In case you need a tutorial, a teaser is like a parlay in the sense that you’re combining 2 teams – but you get to change the spread or total in your favor. At most sportsbooks, a 2-team, 6-point teaser will have odds of either -110 or -120 (be sure to shop around for the best price). Adding a third team to a 6-point teaser generally pays out at +160.

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NFL Teaser Strategies

There is a certain strategy when putting your teaser together, highlighted by being aware of key numbers such as 3, 6 and 7. Those are the most common winning margins in an NFL game. So, when making a teaser you ideally want to either land on a number lower than 3 and higher than 7. For example, if a heavy favorite is -8.5 on the spread, I can tease them down 6 points through all 3 key numbers to -2.5. That’s one example of an excellent teaser choice. On the other side, taking an underdog through those key numbers is just as valuable. If a team is a +1.5 underdog, you could tease them up 6 points to +7.5, and then that allows them to either win outright or lose by the 3 key numbers and you would still cash the play.

It should also be noted that teasing spreads through 0 is not a value move. It’s borderline impossible for a game to end on 0 (unless a regular-season game is still tied at the end of overtime, of course), so you are basically paying to move the line an extra point for no reason. There are some cases in which it could possibly be justified, but in general you should avoid doing so.

You can also tease game totals in the NFL, but with how quickly and sporadic scores can happen it’s generally wise to stay away from totals and stick to spreads. It can be both fun and rewarding to hunt for the best teaser options each week, so let’s get into some of my teaser considerations for Week 6 and then my favorite teaser play. 

NFL Week 7 Teaser Options

There are multiple Week 7 options on the sides of both favorites and underdogs that satisfy the above strategies.  

  • Buffalo Bills -1 (from -8) 
  • Atlanta Falcons +8.5 (from +2.5) 
  • Seattle Seahawks -2.5 (from -8.5) 
  • Miami Dolphins +9 (from +3) 
  • San Francisco 49ers -1 (from -7)

The Bills are giving only 8 points in their AFC East road matchup with the New England Patriots. When you tease it down to 1, all they have to do is win and they are guaranteed at least a push. Of course, Buffalo is almost certain to prevail by a lot more than that given how dire the scenes are in New England at present. I also like Seattle, especially when it only has to win by a field goal at home against the lowly Arizona Cardinals. Sticking in the NFC West, the 49ers didn’t come through for me in last week’s teaser but they should get back on track against the 2-4 Minnesota Vikings.  

Meanwhile, there are also some enticing underdog plays that can be made. You can move the Falcons (at Buccaneers) through the key numbers of 3, 6 and 7 and you can take the Dolphins (at Eagles) off 3, through 6 and 7 and get them all the way to 9. With those teams now getting more than a touchdown, they should be able to cover the teased spreads even if they don’t win outright. 

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NFL Week 7 Teaser Best Bet

Out of the options listed above, here is my best NFL Week 7 teaser: 

Buffalo Bills -1 over New England Patriots
Miami Dolphins +9 over Philadelphia Eagles
San Francisco 49ers -1 over Minnesota Vikings

There are 3 teaser legs that I really love this week, so I’m going with a play that will give me plus-money odds (as mentioned above, +160 at most sportsbooks). 

I think Buffalo and San Francisco will win big in Week 7 – or at least bigger than necessary. Their respective opponents in New England and Minnesota are unspectacular at best. You can find much more descriptive adjectives to describe those 2 clubs and they would also be accurate. After taking their first loss of the season last Sunday, the Niners should be eager to make a statement at the Vikings’ expense.

The underdog I like the most in this teaser situation is Miami in its Sunday Night Football showdown against Philadelphia. The Eagles have lost only 1 game this season, but it’s pretty obvious that they aren’t the same team that rolled to the NFC title last year. Given that they sport the most electric offense in the league, the Dolphins should have no trouble scoring enough to cover a +9 spread. Heck, the visitors might even win straight up. 

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