BREAKING: Beloved ESPN Personality Stepping Away From Television After Worrying Diagnosis

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A beloved ESPN personality is stepping away from his role on the network.

Barry Melrose, widely regarded as the best NHL analyst around, has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and will be going off TV to spend time with his family while he battles it.

The announcement was made by another veteran ESPN personality, John Buccigross, who disclosed as much via X on Tuesday afternoon

“I’ve worked with Barry at ESPN for over a quarter century,” Buccigross remarked. “Cold beers and hearty laughs in smokey cigar bars. A razor-sharp wit, he was always early & looked like a million bucks. I love him. I’ll miss him.”

Melrose, who was both a player and a coach in the NFL, started working as an analyst for The Worldwide Leader in Sports way back in 1996. He stepped away for a short period to coach the Tampa Bay Lightning before fashioning a return and has since become a staple on the network.

League Commissioner Gary Bettman has insisted that “Hockey on ESPN won’t be the same without him.”

“Barry’s gigantic personality and trademark style have made our game bigger, more exciting, and more entertaining,” Bettman added.

“His love for hockey is obvious and infectious. And it is impossible to have a conversation with him without a smile on your face.”

We hope Barry is able to come out on top of this battle. He will be missed during his time away.

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