Tim Anderson Changes His Profile Picture To Notorious Rapper And Goes On Crazy Twitter Rant After Getting KO’d (PICS + TWEETS)

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Tim Anderson is feeling like King Von, but that is not exactly a good thing.

Since Saturday night, the Chicago White Sox star player has been mocked for dropping his glove to square up and fight Jose Ramirez, only to get dropped with one punch.

On Sunday, Anderson took to Twitter and first changed his profile picture to rapper King Von, who is known for possibly killing a bunch of people only to get himself killed after starting a fight back in 2020.

He also went on quite the rant as well.

Years ago, Anderson actually visited the infamous O-Block in Chicago and met up with King Von as he brought him a jersey and took a picture.

Much like King Von, they both started a fight and ended up getting the worst of it in the end. Tim Anderson lived to see another day.

The fight occurred during Saturday’s 7-4 victory for the White Sox. Ramírez slid into second base in the sixth inning and then got up and started yelling at Anderson after the White Sox shortstop stood over him.

They squared up and exchanged punches, but it was a blind punch from Ramirez that landed in the perfect place that sent Anderson to the ground. Both are expected to be suspended for a few games.

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