After Bill Belichick led the New England Patriots to a second dynasty in the 2010s decade (Super Bowl championships in the 2014, 2016 and 2018 seasons), one thing felt clear and obvious: He would continue coaching the franchise until he decided he didn’t want to anymore.

But life comes at you fast in the NFL. The Patriots haven’t won a playoff game in four straight years, and they’ve suffered losing seasons in two of the last three years (7-9 in 2020 and 8-9 in 2022).

If the Patriots endure another disappointing year in 2023, could New England owner Robert Kraft do the unthinkable and fire the greatest coach in NFL history?

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio analyzed the seemingly building tension between Belichick and Kraft. The veteran NFL insider wonders if Kraft could look at moving on from the six-time Super Bowl-winning head coach.