The countdown to the NFL season will begin soon, we’re about a month away from training camps opening across the league, which means the pre-season and then the regular season are right around the corner.

Fans are already getting excited to kick off the year but even some of the most loyal fan bases know that their football season in 2023 is unlikely to be successful because they have no trust in the man leading their teams.

A football coach is more important than any head coach of any other sport. They are pivotal, as they shape the team’s direction, devise game plans, and strategize for success.

Usually if an head coach doesn’t make the playoffs within his first two years on the job, he gets fired.

With this in mind, let’s examine the top three NFL coaches who are most likely to face the axe first during the upcoming 2023 season.


Arthur Smith, Atlanta Falcons

On a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of how hot a seat is, Arthur Smith takes the cake at 10.

Smith is entering his 3rd year on the team and so far hasn’t been to the playoffs once despite playing in an inferior conference in arguably the worst division in football. A 8-9 losing record Buccaneers team won this division last season and Smith somehow finished in 4th place!
With the GOAT, Tom Brady, retiring, the NFC South is more open than ever in a conference with very few elite quarterbacks.