Today's discussion regarding a running back's worth isn't about being devalued. Trends already show that the position isn't as highly regarded as it once was. Instead, situation tends to raise or lower a running back's value to his team and determine whether a lead back will benefit by signing a lucrative contract extension.

Three significant negotiations are happening simultaneously, with three of the league's best backs due for a new deal.

The Las Vegas Raiders' Josh Jacobs and New York Giants' Saquon Barkley already received franchise designations this offseason. Both have yet to sign the one-year agreement. The Indianapolis' Colts' Jonathan Taylor, meanwhile, is entering the final year of his rookie contract.

Of the three, Taylor is the most likely to obtain a deal ranked among the upper echelon of the running back market based on the Colts' setup.

Currently, they're watching each other's situations hopeful that something will get done as an indication they're respected components of their respective squads.

"Just seeing guys fight, you just hope that things work out for them," Taylor told reporters last week. "You see why guys request trades. They just want to feel valued by not only their coaches, their teammates but the organization as well."

The comments came five days after the Minnesota Vikings released running back Dalvin Cook, because the franchise couldn't find a trade partner for its third all-time leading rusher as potential suitors decided to wait out the situation to save draft assets and money on his next contract.