Jason La Canfora isn’t the most popular person among Chicago Bears fans. The longtime insider, formerly of CBS Sports, has a reputation for making various statements about the organization in years past. Most of them haven’t exactly been complimentary. He adds to this by constantly delivering information he considers accurate, only to be proven wrong more times than not. That is why his surprise statement in a recent tweet that Justin Fields was likely to be traded this off-season was met with sighs of exasperation.

Adam Rank of NFL Network decided to bring La Canfora on Sick Podcast to speak with him. Unsurprisingly, the Washington Post columnist took his opportunity to snipe Bears fans. He seemed unusually aggressive in his comments, offering a reminder of why it is difficult to like the guy. At last, Rank brought up the topic that everybody wanted to hear. What was this stuff about Fields? La Canfora didn’t backtrack anything. He reiterated with a firm conviction that the odds are good Chicago will have a new quarterback in 2023.