New year, same Tom Brady-Sean Payton speculation.

So much for that resolution!

Payton and Brady have been linked for months now, with the former hinting at an NFL comeback next season and the latter set to be a free agent once again.

The two California boys are considered NFL royalty, and the idea of them one day teaming up together seemingly won’t ever go away. It probably didn’t help that it damn near happened last year in Miami before Brian Flores blew the lid on the entire thing with enough lawsuits to make your head spin.

Anyway, NFL Network’s Peter Schrager had Payton on his podcast this week and didn’t tiptoe around the elephant in the room.

“So, Tom Brady, is he going to be your quarterback where ever you go?” Schrager directly asked Payton, who then spent the next two minutes rambling about their NFL careers before somewhat throwing cold water on the idea.”