On November 2, the Commanders announced that Daniel and Tanya Snyder “have hired BofA Securities to consider potential transactions.” In the aftermath, reports emerged that, for example, the Snyders are willing to sell the whole team, that the magic number is $7 billion, that they’d like to close the deal in March 2023, and that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is interested in buying.

Since a November 17 story that the massive financial resources belonging to Bezos could scare away other bidders, the situation has gone quiet.

When the statement was released more than five weeks ago, one source with extensive knowledge of Daniel Snyder’s 23-year ownership of the team expressed concern that Snyder might decide not to sell at all. That same source agreed with our recent suspicion that Snyder might have simply announced his intention to sell in order to smoke out Bezos as being interested, so that Snyder could then claim that this entire “smear campaign” is about forcing Snyder to sell to Bezos.

The source is aware of no objective indication that the process is moving forward. Indeed, multiple interested parties (per the source) have encountered some “resistance” in their effort to move things forward.

Against that background, the league’s owners gather this week in Texas for a quarterly meeting. Previously, there was a question as to whether at least 24 votes could be mustered to force Snyder out. The source says that, in the aftermath of the release of the dueling Oversight Committee reports this week, momentum could be growing to force Snyder out — if he doesn’t sell.