Throughout the week leading up to the Super Bowl, the future of Kyler Murray in Arizona has been one of the NFL’s biggest storylines. Questions began to arise after Murray unfollowed the team on social media. Those questions intensified on Sunday after ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that that is indeed a rift between Murray and the organization.

Kyler Murray’s cryptic social media antics have many questioning his longevity whether he may be shipped out. Should this prove to be the case, USA Today’s Doug Rush proposed a hypothetical scenario.

“Let’s say the Cardinals called the Giants because Kyler Murray has demanded out and wants a trade. The Cardinals offer Kyler Murray to the Giants for Daniel Jones, a 2022 3rd round and a 2023 first-round pick. Giants fans, what would you say to the Cardinals; yes or no?” Rush tweeted.

ESPN’s Chris Mortenson dropped a series of damning tweets on the Murray-Cardinals relationship:

“The odd vibe between the @AZCardinals and Kyler Murray is indeed alarming: Murray is described as self-centered, immature and finger pointer, per sources. Murray is frustrated with franchise and was embarrassed by playoff loss to Rams and thinks he’s been framed as the scapegoat.

Where’s it headed? Despite the acrimony, the Cardinals expect things to calm down and Murray is their QB. Select veterans hope to reach Murray on how he handle adversity better. Coach Kliff Kingsbury also is self-scouting where he can provide better alternatives for QB.”