WATCH: Chiefs TE Travis Kelce mic’d up at Pro Bowl practice

Chiefs Wire

Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce had the microphone at Pro Bowl practices this week. As usual, the veteran provided some great audio, really capturing the lighthearted nature of the Pro Bowl.

Kelce is seen interacting with fans, pumping up the crowd after a catch with a solid, “What’s up y’all!”

He’s pictured throwing passes to Chiefs teammate Tyrann Mathieu, while Frank Clark throws a pass to Raiders DE Maxx Crosby.

“Drop it in there,” Kelce shouts. “You see me?”

Everything is taking place at half speed, and you can tell that no one’s really trying to do anything more than work up a sweat.

“I’m open Pat,” Kelce shouts as Mahomes throws the ball to Tyreek Hill.

“He don’t want me to be great, man,” Kelce says jokingly. “He don’t want me to be great.”

Kelce continues joking around with Mahomes about pre-snap cadences with some inaudible phrases caught on the microphone.

Back to the on-field work, Kelce throws a long wobbly touchdown pass. He then claims that Steelers OLB T.J. Watt was downfield playing safety. He finishes things up by throwing another pass. In fact, it looks like he threw more passes here than he caught passes.

It’s enjoyable to see this group get some lighthearted fun in at the Pro Bowl. While we’d much rather have them prepping for Super Bowl LVI, this isn’t the worst consolation imaginable for a group that’s played extended seasons in each of the past four years.

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