Evan’s NHL Daily: Stars Games Now Free, Crosby Extension Close

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It seems like some NHL teams are making it easier and easier for fans to watch their games. On Monday, the Dallas Stars became the latest NHL team to make all their games available on streaming for free. Meanwhile, Avalanche fans have to order cable or streaming through very specific companies in order to watch the team play on a nightly basis. That’s a little frustrating.

I know Avalanche fans still have the dream of Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon playing together in the NHL, but they might just have to settle for these upcoming international tournaments, because it sounds like Crosby and the Penguins are close to a contract extension.

Colorado Hockey Now

Does he have a chance to play some NHL games next year? Absolutely, but that couldn’t happen without a contract. That’s now done for Calum Ritchie.


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Fans just want to watch their team’s games and not think twice about it. That’s really how it should be for every team in the league. Instead, you have a team like the Avalanche, where Altitude has been in a constant fight with Comcast and Dish Network for the last six years and no one with either of those cable services can watch the games. At this point, no one cares who is right or wrong, they just are over the situation. When a team like the Dallas Stars make all their games available for free on streaming, it’s got to be a little frustrating.

The Athletic: According to a source, the extension between the Penguins and Sidney Crosby might be done soon. That teams is already old, but they’re all going to go down with that ship.

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Speaking of Z, he was very popular in Colorado, and his old teammates still love messing with him.

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