More troubles for the Univ. of Alabama men's basketball team … Jaykwon Walton, a top hooper who was slated to transfer to the Tide this season, was arrested over the weekend — and now, he's been dropped from the team over it all.

Walton was busted for possession of marijuana at around 10:11 PM on the Strip in Tuscaloosa on Saturday night — just three months after former Tide guard Darius Miles was arrested in the same area following allegations he was involved in the shooting death of Jamea Harris.

According to Tuscaloosa Police, a vehicle that Walton and two others were in reeked of marijuana … and when officers eventually searched the ride, they said they found "a rolling tray, a baggie containing approximately 20 grams of marijuana, and a half-rolled blunt in the passenger side floorboard."

Cops also noted there were three loaded firearms in the car as well.