The 2023 NBA Playoffs are barely underway, but you can be sure that all 30 teams are already laying the groundwork for this summer.

Team-building feels almost as important as the games these days, and the bulk of that happens in June, July and August.

Of course, the draft and trades are avenues for improving a roster, but free agency might still be the purest form of player movement. As a free agent, a player is free to choose his own future.

And this summer, there are plenty of players who could dramatically alter the NBA landscape by choosing a different future.

Several factors were considered when determining a top 30 from that group, including past production, age and current trends within the league. But this is an exercise that endeavors, at least to some degree, to predict the future, which requires plenty of subjectivity.

So, with all those factors thrown into the ranking concoction, here are the top 30 free agents for 2023.


30. Mason Plumlee, 33, Unrestricted

Raw numbers suggest Mason Plumlee should be higher, but he'll turn 34 next spring, looks like less of a deterrent on defense and rarely scores outside the restricted area.

Still, any team in need of a backup center who plays hard and can distribute a little bit would benefit from his presence.


29. P.J. Washington, 24, Restricted

Had P.J. Washington entered free agency last summer, he might've ranked higher on a list like this, but a terrible season including a significant dip in true shooting percentage and noticeable ones in rebound, assist, steal and block rates may stymie his value a bit.

Still, Washington is a relatively young player who averaged 15.7 points in 2022-23 and has a slightly above-average three-point percentage for his career.


28. Dillon Brooks, 27, Unrestricted

When he's not poking bears, Dillon Brooks has become a pretty solid (or at least pesky) perimeter defender who can occasionally hit a jumper.

But he can also shoot you out of a game like few others in the league. Among the 75 players who've attempted at least as many threes as Brooks over the course of his career, Brooks' effective field-goal percentage ranks 74th (ahead of only Russell Westbrook).


27. Grant Williams, 24, Restricted

Grant Williams falling out of the Boston Celtics' playoff rotation probably couldn't have come at a much worse time, but a 39.7 three-point percentage over the past three seasons is encouraging. That and solid defense will draw him some suitors outside Boston, even if there isn't much more to his offensive game right now.


26. Jordan Clarkson, 30, Player Option

Jordan Clarkson's career-high 4.4 assists per game in 2022-23 is encouraging, but he remains a loose cannon—at best—as a three-point shooter. Over the past three seasons, he's 11th in three-point attempts per game and 221st in three-point percentage.