Draymond Green is again the main topic of conversation in the NBA after a retaliatory stomp on Domantas Sabonis late in a Warriors Game 2 loss to the Sacramento Kings. Before making his exit Green egged on the crowd while his team prepared to finish the game without him. Some might consider it a distraction, but Golden State has seen this before and they have won four championships with Green.

Still, he's aging and maybe doesn't bring as much to the table as he once did to offset the various uncontrollable limbs attached to that great basketball mind. Plus, there is the money of rich people to consider. Green has a player option for $27 million this summer, but he will likely want a lucrative extension, which he will feel he has earned based on all that success. The Warriors are already in salary cap hell and it does not seem likely they'd be in any position to be the ones to give him that extension without a considerable luxury tax bill. The salary cap for next season is $134 million. Between Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins the Warriors have already committed about $147 million.

Today on Get Up Alan Hahn suggested that Green's time in San Francisco would in fact end with the Warriors' season.

So maybe this really is it for the Draymond Green era in Golden State. Perhaps the time has come to wonder where he'll go next.