Out-of-contract United States men's national team coach Gregg Berhalter can contend for the open USMNT's coaching job, U.S. Soccer said on Monday following an investigation into allegations of domestic violence against him.

After an independent investigation, the U.S. Soccer Federation found that both Berhalter and his wife, Rosalind, accurately portrayed the nature of a 1992 domestic incident as well as its aftermath, and thus Berhalter was free to be hired for a coaching role in the future. Berhalter's contract expired on Dec. 31, 2022.

The investigation also found a need for U.S. Soccer to "revisit U.S. Soccer's policies concerning appropriate parental conduct and communications."

The report detailed how Danielle and Claudio Reyna attempted to influence U.S. Soccer officials' decisions related to their son, U.S. international Giovanni Reyna, and their veiled threats to publicly disclose the domestic violence incident involving Berhalter in retaliation for Berhalter's treatment of Gio. One interview described Claudio Reyna's outreach over Gio Reyna's treatment as "inappropriate," "bullying" and "mean-spirited."

While the conclusion was that the Reynas' behavior didn't rise to the level of blackmail or extortion, nor did it violate U.S. Soccer policies, U.S. Soccer said that a new policy is being drafted to prevent such parent/coach communication in the future.

Investigators interviewed both Gregg and Rosalind Berhalter about the January 1992 incident of domestic violence that took place outside of a bar called Players while the two were attending the University of North Carolina. Both Berhalters recounted how an argument between the two was taken outside the bar, at which point Rosalind Berhalter hit Gregg Berhalter in the face. Gregg Berhalter responded by pushing Rosalind to the ground and kicking her twice before a passerby intervened and tackled Gregg Berhalter.

No police report was filed over the incident, which in part led investigators to conclude that Gregg Berhalter "didn't improperly withhold the fact of the 1992 Incident, or any other information, from U.S. Soccer at any time."

In an interview with investigators, Danielle Reyna said that Gregg Berhalter "beat the s— out of" Rosalind Berhalter, though she admitted she hadn't witnessed the incident.