As recently explained, Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson needs an agent now more than ever. So will he be hiring an agent?

The prevailing thought in league circles is that he won’t be.

For starters, although Jackson and his mother have talked to one or more agents from time to time, there’s never been a serious sense that Jackson plans to hire one of them. Some think the goal is to simply pick their brains for ideas. More importantly, there’s a belief that Jackson won’t hire an agent at this point due to the potential perception that he’d be admitting his mistake in not hiring one sooner.

And make no mistake about it — it was a mistake.

Jackson was eligible for a new contract in 2021. He instead earned $1.77 million that year. Last year, under the fifth-year option, he made $23 million. That’s $24.77 million total over the last two years.