Ja Morant could face a lengthy 50-game suspension if it's proven that he had a gun on the team plane, per Marc Stein.

"Basically, the CBA says if there is a firearm on team premises (or on a team plane), that's an automatic 50-game suspension," Stein explained on the #thisleague UNCUT podcast. "That's why the league is trying to ascertain where the gun was before the Instagram video and all other manners of questions tied to that."

Quite simply, the league's collective bargaining agreement has a set rule about individuals carrying a firearm on team premises — something Morant is on the radar of.

This update comes on the back of the controversies Morant finds himself in. Earlier, news of the Colorado police investigating the Memphis Grizzlies star did the rounds. The cops have begun looking into Morant after the video of what reportedly looked like him brandishing a gun on Instagram Live did the rounds.