Major League Baseball games are too damn long or at least that's what everyone has been saying forever. With television ratings and attendance in a steady decline since the game was first invented (citation needed), MLB is finally getting around to fixing the only problem it has ever had by installing a pitch clock that will ensure games move faster and all fans will be happy.

But could they do more? Yeah, it's nice that Spring Training games are 25 minutes shorter this year, but what if there were ways to make them even shorter? Sure, it's nice that baseball games are now shorter than most Star Wars movies, but what if they were shorter than most episodes of Star Wars television shows? Here are five ways to tighten the game fans don't want to spend much time watching.


Ban Instant Replay

That goes for the umpires and the broadcast. You literally just saw what happened. The game is less than three hours and you can't sit there and stare at the television the entire time? Put your damn phone down.