The Ravens have stayed quiet regarding the offers that previously have been made to quarterback Lamar Jackson. Jackson has not been quiet, directly or indirectly leaking bits and pieces of the negotiations to the media.

On Friday’s First Take on ESPN, Stephen A. Smith said that Jackson’s camp reached out with some specific information.

First, Smith said that Jackson’s camp claims that Jackson has never demanded a fully-guaranteed contract from the Ravens.

If that’s true (and, frankly, I don’t think it is), why hasn’t that come out sooner? For months, it’s been believed that Jackson wants the same structure as Deshaun Watson.

Five years, fully guaranteed.

Indeed, the NFL Players Association filed a grievance last season accusing teams of colluding to not give “certain quarterbacks” (e.g., Lamar Jackson) fully-guaranteed contracts. And the NFLPA definitely has been assisting Jackson in his negotiations with the Ravens, since Jackson doesn’t have an agent.