We've already witnessed trades for numerous big-name NHL players in the weeks leading up to this season's NHL trade deadline, and there are still seven days to go.

Despite Bo Horvat, Vladimir Tarasenko, and Ryan O'Reilly already having been dealt, there are still a handful of potential moves that would elicit excitement. Not all of them are realistic, but that won't stop us from dreaming up our ideal scenarios.

Here are five swaps we'd love to see before the clock strikes 3 p.m. ET on March 3.

Sharks ship Erik Karlsson to Oilers

This is the move everybody wants – well, presumably everybody except NHL teams not named the Edmonton Oilers. Hopefully the San Jose Sharks eventually come around and put themselves in the "want to see it" category as well, because this absolutely needs to happen.

We got a taste of what it would look like earlier in February at the All-Star Game, when Pacific Division head coach Bruce Cassidy slotted Karlsson in alongside Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl to form a tantalizing three-on-three trio. No one who watched those three play together came away thinking that should be the only time it takes place.

There is of course the rather gargantuan obstacle of Karlsson's contract, which carries an $11.5-million cap hit through 2026-27. It obviously makes a deal difficult, but not impossible. The Oilers could throw together a package of future assets and current NHL players. Tyson Barrie and Jesse Puljujarvi would pretty much have to be involved because of their cap hits, as would at least a first-round pick and a youngster like Dylan Holloway or Philip Broberg. San Jose would need to retain a chunk of Karlsson's salary.

A third team might be required to make sure the Oilers are cap-compliant, but like the Minnesota Wild in the O'Reilly trade, the broker club could receive a prospect or a draft pick in exchange for easing the financial burden. Karlsson will turn 33 on May 31, and the Norris Trophy favorite's offense generally comes at the expense of his defensive responsibilities. He has a history of injuries, too, so that contract could bite whoever's paying it down the road. But the Oilers could use a shot in the arm, and with a little cap creativity, this would be the most entertaining move they could make.


Devils ensnare Meier

Chances are wherever Timo Meier ends up, it'll be a fun scenario, but we'd love to see the New Jersey Devils land the talented Sharks forward for a few reasons.

First, Meier would make an already aesthetically pleasing club even more fun to watch. The Devils rank near the top of the NHL in goals per game and trail only the Carolina Hurricanes in five-on-five expected goals percentage and scoring chances for percentage this season. New Jersey boasts three of the top 14 NHL forwards in terms of five-on-five xGF% among those with at least 500 minutes played in those situations, and Meier ranks 21st. The Devils have five of the top 35 forwards in SCF% using that criteria, and Meier slots in at 37th. So he'd fit right in.