We are a bit more than six weeks away from the NHL’s March 3 trade deadline, and a lot can change in that time, as far as the standings and team needs based on injuries alone.

That presents the age-old dilemma for NHL front offices looking to add: Do you try to do it as soon as possible, to allow any new players as much time as possible to adjust to their new surroundings? Or do you wait as long as possible, knowing the assets you have to make a deal are essentially all the currency you have?

There’s no easy answer.

Whether it’s planned or happens organically because of the salary cap and the natural effect of a deadline forcing decisions, most deals do wait until the final week. But every year is different.

With that in mind, I might want to revisit some of these ideas below, based on what transpires over the next month.

For now, let’s have fun and play matchmaker. Here are six players I personally like as fits on the following playoff contenders:

Jakob Chychrun to the Kings

My understanding is that the Coyotes have talked to the Kings, on and off, dating back a year regarding Chychrun, and I can’t let go of the idea that it makes so much sense for the Kings, based on how deep they are on the right side of their blue line and how they could really strengthen their top four on the left side with the left-shot Chychrun. He can play both sides, but it’s on the left where the Kings need him.

I get that Arizona’s price remains high, but the Kings have a chance to make hay in a wide-open Western Conference. And this isn’t a rental. This is a hockey deal. It makes too much sense.

Ryan O’Reilly to the Maple Leafs

It’s a fact that Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas isn’t keen on trading for rentals, especially if it means giving up a first-round pick. But come on, the time is now.

The playoff-savvy Lightning likely await again in the first round of the playoffs. Yes, O’Reilly has struggled this season, and now he’s injured, but he’ll be back before the deadline. And adding a veteran top-six forward with his Stanley Cup and Conn Smythe pedigree would be an ingredient the Leafs could benefit from as they try to shed their playoff demons. Worth noting that he also has the acuity to play wing if need be.