The American Airlines flight landed at 9:41 Wednesday night and Scott Boras walked off the plane at the Santa Ana (Calif.) Airport, still weary after spending the day in Minneapolis, with the Carlos Correa saga coming to a merciful conclusion at Target Field. 

Boras walked towards the baggage claim, saw the silver Rimowa suitcase come down the conveyer belt, grabbed it, walked to his car and had just pulled up to his home when his cell phone rang. 

“Mr. Boras, this is American Airlines,’’ the person said. “We have your bag here.’’ 

Boras: “No, I have my bag right here.’’ 

Boras, bewildered, reached for his suitcase. 

Uh oh. 

He had the wrong luggage, picking up someone else’s that looked just like his. 

Boras went back to the airport, exchanged suitcases, drove back home, got into his bed, and crashed. 

When you negotiate $865 million worth of contracts alone for Correa alone over a 28-day span, enduring two failed physicals and a canceled press conference before winding up with a six-year, $200 million guarantee from the Minnesota Twins, who can blame a fella for a little mix-up? 

Boras again was back at work at 5:30 the next morning, checking e-mails, making calls, and spending 2½ hours on the phone with USA TODAY Sports, talking about one of the wildest winters of his career, resulting in $1.1 billion worth of free-agent contracts.