Once LeBron decided to leave Cleveland a second time and don the purple and gold, it was assumed that he would finish his career with the Los Angeles Lakers. 

LeBron has already won another title since his move to L.A. but the team has been pretty poor since that bubble championship and LBJ is again the subject of trade rumors. 

As a result, NBA insider Zach Lowe has shared his opinion on where the 38-year-old will end his career. 

While James is unhappy with losing and wants the Lakers to make improvements to the team as he’s grown frustrated, he wants to keep living in Los Angeles so he could remain close to his family. There are also lots of perks to living in L.A. and Bron’s starred in a movie in the wake of his move there. But he still prioritizes basketball and his patience will eventually wane if the Lakers can’t put a winning team together.