Newly-released video footage shows Odell Beckham Jr. being escorted off a plane at Miami International Airport in November.

In the body-cam footage from police officers obtained by WPLG 10 ABC in Miami, the three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver is shown downplaying his actions after a flight attendant asks the officers rhetorically if they know how long it’s taken Beckham to put on his seatbelt.

The officer later informs Beckham they will have to deplane everyone, to which he replies: “That’s fine.”

After one fellow passenger said something to Beckham, he responded by saying “That s–t don’t mean nothing to me. You’re gonna wait 40 minutes and I’ll be on a private plane home with your fat ass,” per WPLG.

When the incident originally occurred on Nov. 27, Miami Dade Police Officer Luis Sierra said in a statement members of the flight crew called police and firefighters out of fear that Beckham was “seriously ill” and his condition “would worsen” over the expected five-hour flight.