In a board of governors meeting that produced so little news, perhaps the most intriguing thing I learned was an item that was not discussed formally.

At least, it was to me.

I did an informal poll of governors over two and a half days. The question was simple: Do you favor the idea of a play-in before the Stanley Cup playoffs?

I asked 12 governors. It was a 12-0 in favor of the NHL adding a play-in round. I couldn’t find a single voice of dissent.

Now, I’m sure if I were able to canvass governors from all 32 teams, I would find a few in opposition. But still: 12 governors, 12 people who like the idea of a play-in.

None of the governors wanted to talk on the record about it because they know they would suffer the wrath of commissioner Gary Bettman if they did.

Because Bettman remains steadfastly against the idea. He has been very consistent with that over the past few years. To which, well, I put the question to Bettman yet again Tuesday after the two-day board of governors meeting wrapped up:

What about the idea of expanding the playoffs with a play-in like the NBA has done?

“If you say to them, ‘Would you be open to a play-in?’ Some of them might say, ‘We can talk about it.’ We don’t get that feedback,” insisted Bettman. “People think the system we have in place right now is working extraordinarily well, and frankly there’s nothing better in sports playoffs than our first round. And so, I’m not sensing much of an appetite for change.”