Mike McCarthy went through the rolodex in his mind pretty quickly as he stood at the podium after the Dallas Cowboys throttled the Minnesota Vikings, 40-3, on Sunday.

Has he had a running back combination like Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard at any point in his coaching career?

“I mean I’ve been blessed to be around some. Marcus Allen, and we had Kimble Anders there [in Kansas City]. That was a good duo,” McCarthy said, thinking back to his offensive coordinator days. “Ricky Williams and Deuce McAllister [in New Orleans]. But this 1-2 punch, this is the best I’ve been a part of as far as how we can game plan and just go roll. Very dynamic.”

Owner and general manager Jerry Jones was asked about Elliott and Pollard and reflected on his alma mater, Arkansas.

“No, not a better duo,” Jones said. “We’ve had some good ones. I liked the [Felix] Jones and [Darren] McFadden one [at Arkansas] a lot, but not a better one.”

Jones and McFadden were Cowboys but never at the same time. The owner had Julius Jones and Marion Barber for a spell in the mid-2000s. He had Felix Jones and Barber too.

But nothing like Elliott and Pollard.

“Coach told me right before the game, he said, ‘Dak and I visited, and one way or the other, [we’ll] have the ball in Pollard’s or have the ball in Zeke’s hands. Either throwing it to them or handing it to them,” Jerry Jones said. “And you saw that all night.”