What’s that expression Ken Holland always uses? That the NHL standings by American Thanksgiving usually tell us who the playoff teams will be?

Maybe that’s why we’re seeing so much talk about tanking amid the struggling franchises. Tanking for Connor Bedard, of course.

So the question for the Daily Faceoff Roundtable this week is: Where would you like to see Connor Bedard land? From a pure fun/good of the sport perspective. Realistic answers only, please, based on current standings and projected number of ping-pong balls…

MATT LARKIN: My pick: The Ottawa Senators. I’m envisioning an exciting franchise makeover here – Ryan Reynolds as owner and the most scintillating talent coming out of the draft since Auston Matthews in 2016. Nation’s capital, new arena coming in LeBreton Flats, celebrity owner, potentially generational prospect. I love it. Ottawa is long overdue to be relevant again. Let’s go!