On Thursday, D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine filed a lawsuit against the Commanders for allegedly withholding security deposits from season-ticket holders. The team has responded.

And, like virtually anyone who is ever sued for anything, the Commanders are not saying, “Yep, we did it.”

“The team has not accepted security deposits for over 20 years in the case of premium tickets and over a decade in the case of suites, and we began returning them to season ticket holders as early as 2004,” a team spokesperson said. “In 2014, as part of a comprehensive review, team management was instructed to send notices to over 1,400 customers with deposits and return all security deposits requested.

“Further, the team engaged an outside law firm and forensic auditors to conduct an extensive review of the team’s accounts, which found no evidence that the team intentionally withheld security deposits that should have been returned to customers or that the team improperly converted any unclaimed deposits to revenue.”