Durability has always been an issue for D’Andre Swift. So he packed on more muscle over the offseason in hopes of holding up better to the NFL grind. He took regular days off throughout training camp to ensure he would start a season at full strength for the first time in his career.

He was.

And he still hasn’t been at full strength since.

On Sunday, the situation came to a head when the Detroit Lions running back grew visibly frustrated by his usage in the second half of a win against Green Bay. He finished with just 10 offensive snaps overall.

“I think he got pissed off a little bit,” offensive coordinator Ben Johnson said. “But that’s good. That’s good. That means he’s going the right direction for us. It’s a balance right now for him because once again he hasn’t felt 100%, and that’s been a big part of it. When he’s feeling good, it’s going to show up on Sunday in a positive way for us. So, we’ll see. We’ll see as the week goes on in practice, we’ll see on Sunday as we get into the game just how much or how little we use him.”

That dance — deciding how much or how little Swift can play on any given Sunday — is one of the Lions have been forced to navigate for the duration of Swift’s professional career.