For now, Aaron Judge is chasing Barry Bonds.

Later – as in, this offseason – Bonds might be the one chasing Judge.

The all-time home run king is rooting for the Yankees slugger to surpass Roger Maris’ American League record of 61 homers – and even Bonds’ own major league record of 73. But next year, Bonds would love to see Judge pounding all those homers in person, rather than on TV.

“I hope he signs here,” the Giants legend told Sportico over the phone from his home north of San Francisco. “Can it happen? I don’t know. It depends on what the Yankee payroll is. But we would love to have him, I’ll tell you that.”

Bonds is a special adviser with the Giants, and he told the outlet he does not have any input on acquiring players. Still, the Giants – seen as the Yankees’ greatest competition for the outfielder – could turn to one of Judge’s childhood heroes to sweeten an offer for the impending free agent.

Judge, who was born in Linden, Calif., grew up a Giants fan and has said he considers Bonds’ 73 homers in a season as the true record. As Judge sits on 60 with 13 games to go, he likely won’t surpass his hero, but he has certainly entered his radar.