The Los Angeles Lakers have a lot in their hands this offseason, trying to figure out what to do with Russell Westbrook while also being linked with a move for Kyrie Irving. These two situations could prompt the front office to try to move Russ in a deal that brings Kyrie to Los Angeles, but that's not so easy to accomplish. 

Recent reports suggest that the pursuit of Kyrie has slowed down for the Lakers, but the Purple and Gold could still make a push for the 2016 NBA champion. According to NBA insider Marc Stein, LeBron James is still keen to land Irving this offseason and replace Russell Westbrook. 

LeBron's relationship with Russ isn't the best, according to reports, and James' desire to reunite with Kyrie has played a big role in that. The King knows the Lakers need to make some changes to be competitive and just like the fanbase, he's convinced that moving Russ is crucial for their title aspirations.