Amajor focus of the Detroit Lions this offseason is likely to be the addition of new wide receivers to the mix. The Lions don’t just need one wideout, they could need multiple additions to help round out the room.

The free agency market figures to be a way the team is going to look to make a major dent in some of their roster holes, and if they find the right fits it could be a move that helps them accelerate things dramatically for their offense.

A new player could be on the horizon soon in the form of Dallas Cowboys wideout Amari Cooper. Cooper, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter, could soon be cut when the new league year begins on March 16. That would add a very intriguing name to the mix in terms of the free agency market if the move plays out as anticipated.

If the cut happens, some new odds show that the Lions could be an intriguing name in the mix to land Cooper. A look at some new odds from Bovada courtesy of PFF Bet shows the team as a current +700 in the odds to nab Cooper if he hits the market.

Cooper is the kind of young, elite game-breaker that could be a great addition for the Lions to consider. Given the team’s need for pass catchers, the Lions will have to keep their eyes on all of the players who hit the market.

It’s clear that Cooper could be a prime choice for the team when all is said and done as these odds prove.


Wide Receiver Will Be a Top Offseason Target for Lions

It should not be a surprise to see the Lions rumored to be in the mix for any wideouts this offseason because the position is a huge need for the team moving forward. The Lions didn’t make a splash signing in the 2021 offseason at the spot, and that hurt them at times on the field.