A fan who had a trip scheduled to attend spring training in Arizona with their kids DM’d Cubs outfielder Ian Happ recently.

But Happ, the Cubs players union rep and one of their most active players on social media, didn’t reply.

“I didn’t know what to say,” Happ said Friday on 670 The Score’s “Bernstein and Rahimi.”

That doesn’t mean Happ — who attended this week’s bargaining sessions between MLB and the players union — doesn’t have thoughts on the ongoing MLB lockout and negotiations on a new collective bargaining agreement

“I think that the point there is that this is a lockout that's imposed by MLB,” Happ said. “We could continue to negotiate and play baseball. It’s not mandatory for them to do this.”

As MLB’s lockout of the players nears the end of its third month, a deadline of Monday looms for reaching a deal to avoid the league’s threat of canceling games.

“I hope that that's not the case,” Happ said. “Players are so committed to trying to get 162 games in and get the product back to the fans.