There is only one Blake Coleman, just as there is but one Barclay Goodrow.

Yet, after the Tampa Bay Lightning acquired those two identity-affirming forwards for first-round picks at the 2020 trade deadline and went on to win back-to-back Stanley Cups, their names have become part of the NHL lexicon.

Goodrow and Coleman are the definition, or currency, of team-altering deadline additions that help put the Lightning over the top.

They arrived in separate deals that were also panned at the time as Tampa Bay paying a steep price. As it turns out, the value of Coleman and Goodrow seemed to be appreciated only in Tampa Bay and the two markets from where they arrived: New Jersey and San Jose.

The NHL is a copycat league – and teams are breathlessly scouring rosters and reserve lists to find similar value.

Now, everyone wants to know: Who will be the 2022 versions of Coleman and Goodrow?