Rashaun Jones, who is facing a second-degree murder charge for the 2006 killing of Bryan Pata, told police he "had nothing to do with" the death of his former Miami Hurricanes football teammate.

Paula Lavigne of ESPN reported Thursday on the video statement made by Jones for police after he was arrested in August and pleaded not guilty ahead of Monday's scheduled bond hearing.

Pata was shot in the head outside of his apartment in 2006, and an ESPN investigation in 2020 found that Jones has been a suspect since 2007. Per Lavigne, August was the first time Jones had been questioned by police about the evidence against him.

Retired University of Miami writing instructor Paul Conner, who picked Jones out of a photo lineup in 2007 after he told police the day after the shooting he heard a "pop" noise and saw a man jogging through a parking lot, is among those who will be questioned at the bond hearing.

Jones' comments come from a videotaped interview with Miami-Dade Police Department Detective Juan Segovia from the day of his arrest.